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Aftershock D-Line

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Brand: DGA

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Aftershock D-Line

The D-Line Aftershock mid-range disc is the less stable compliment to the Shockwave mid-range disc. The D-Line Aftershock can handle huge anhyzer lines and still produce a significant amount of fade at the end of its flight. Designed to fly slightly faster and less stable than the Shockwave, you can use the D-Line Aftershock off the tee, or for long range approach shots. This disc can handle any arm speed and sticks to the line that you put it on!

The Aftershock in D-Line plastic will have superior grip and will achieve its intended flight characteristics earlier in its lifespan than in SP or ProLine plastic. It is a great option for a player’s first mid-range disc. Try the Aftershock and Shockwave combo today and take your mid-range game to the next level!

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