Delta Cart 12 Smoke

$ 539.99

Brand: Delta Disc Golf


The long-awaited Delta Cart 12 has arrived!  We built on our long history of Delta Carts with the twelfth being the most anticipated.  We’ve built each new model on the key Delta Cart core values of ease of access, durability, and functionality.  Keeping with this tradition, the Delta Cart 12 frame received new technical advances.  We continued using our premium fabric pouches from the Delta Cart 11.  We kept with our tradition of alternating the frame color with a new medium gloss black.  We still offer a wide variety of colored vinyl wrapped Delta Carts to match any personality. 

During the engineering of the new Delta Cart 12 frame, we enhanced four different components from our previous Delta Cart 11.  By using American Made high quality stainless-steel, plus changing the diameter of the axle, we increased the axle tensile strength.  The cart’s axle brace was also engineered with thicker aluminum.  The combination of the two will increase the load bearing for the new cart.  The frame bottom leg support was redesigned to hold the rubber stopper more efficiently on rugged terrain.  The new Delta Cart 12 pole assemble was engineered with high quality American Made aluminum, plus the tubing size was adjusted to provide increased bracket strength. 

The positioning of the cargo when playing are some of the main aspects that make the Delta Cart so great!  We have streamlined the design of the cart, strengthening the frame while keeping it light weight.  The cutouts on the front and sides of the frame allow you to show off your favorite discs, while reducing the overall weight of the cart.  The Delta Cart mainframe holds 22 discs in its easy to access main compartment.  The Delta Cart has a comfortable seat, that also doubles as a storage compartment for a putter.    

The frame of the Delta Cart 12 is made of aluminum due to its incredible strength to weight ratio.  This ensures extreme durability while keeping the weight of the cart as light as possible. The width to height ratio of the design gives the cart a very low center of gravity, making it stable in hilly terrain, while it’s 18” profile also fits great in most vehicle’s trunks.  The carts 5.5 inch ground clearance leaves you plenty of room to avoid getting caught on debris. The axle is positioned so when the cart is fully loaded it has a weightless pole handle, which can be adjusted to suit players of all heights.   The adjustable handle also ensures the cart won’t hit your feet when pulled behind you.

The highly functional and durable fabric components were kept the same from the Delta Cart 11.  The fabric used on the Delta Cart is 1680 Denier polyurethane coated.  It is the industry’s most durable material and is highly water resistant. We also added a foam backing to reduce noise.  The removable cooler can hold six 12oz cans with room for ice.  The removable organizer has dividers and a zipper compartment that allow for assortment of storage configurations.  The bottom storage compartment gives you additional space for a jacket or up to 5 extra discs.

Delta Disc Golf also offers a range of accessories that can attach to the pole of the Delta Cart.  The universal umbrella holder offers a hands-free way to stay dry on the course.  The new solid tube inserts keep your tires inflated on courses with thorns.  We carry drink holders for all beverage sizes (12oz – 40oz) as well as a cell phone holder that makes keeping score and filming your shots a breeze!  Rain or shine, Delta has you covered!


  • Frame: New American Made ASTM 5052 aluminum powder coated medium gloss black.
  • Frame: Dimension 19.5W x 18H x 18D (Load bearing up to 325lbs).
  • Two Piece Pole: Length 39” adjustable handle height 40”-55”.
  • Pole Handle: 5” cork wrapped.
  • Delta Cart Total Weight: 18.9lbs.
  • Fabric: 1680 Denier with polyurethane coated backing.
  • Main Disc Compartment: 20-25 discs capacity depending on your driver putter ratio. (Included with Delta Cart purchase.)
  • Cooler: Removable cooler holds six cans with ice. (Included with Delta Cart purchase.)
  • Organizer: A series of compartments and configuration. (Included with Delta Cart purchase.)
  • Bottom Storage: Compartment dimension 10W x 3.5H x 10D. (Included with Delta Cart purchase.)
  • Rain Fly: Removable Rain Fly stored in the bottom compartment. (Included with Delta Cart purchase.)
  • Tires: 12.5”. tubed tire.
  • Vinyl Wrap: Not included with all Delta Cart purchases.


Delta Cart Pre-Order Terms and Conditions are in the Warranty & Return Policy available during the checkout process.