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Squall D-Line

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Brand: DGA

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Squall D-Line

Midrange Disc: D-Line Red Squall[/caption]The D-Line Squall mid-range disc is a revolutionary mid-range disc with driver like grip and incredible speed. One of the fastest mid-range discs on the market, you can use this disc to drive short holes, and find the basket on challenging mid-range shots. The D-Line Squall is considered slightly under stable and will hold very long anhyzers, as well as any flip to flat lines. This disc truly is a game changer and will make even then most seasoned players drop their go-to mid-range disc and pick up a Squall!

The Squall in D-Line plastic will have superior grip and will achieve its intended flight characteristics earlier in its lifespan than in SP or ProLine plastic. Try one today and take your mid-range game to the next level!