Titanic Proline

$ 13.99

Brand: DGA


Titanic Proline

DGA developed the ProLine Titanic putt & approach disc to help sink your putts! The ProLine Titanic is a slightly over stable putt and approach disc that sails straight and stable.

More stable than the Reef, this disc will hold a long hyzer putt line. The ProLine Titanic is great for flex shots when approaching and can hold a steady line.

The Titanic in ProLine plastic has enhanced grip and durability that sets this putter apart from any competition and will last through years of use!

**Please note: The colors we specify for your product may not be exactly as pictured in the photo or color box. Different shades of colors fall under one blanket color. For example, baby blue and royal blue will both be considered "blue". For dyed discs we do not specify a color, as each disc is unique in itself.